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The International RYLA was started by Rotarians

in Australia in the early 1950s. It is the object of

RYLA to bring the business, social, professional

and educational leaders of the community and

the nation together with the young leaders of the

future to share with them ideas, techniques,

philosophy and inspirational messages. RYLA 

scholarships are among the thousands of 

scholarships given each year by Rotarians 

worldwide. Through our exchange studies 

and scholarship programs, students can also visit

other countries and attend schools and colleges

that might not ordinarily be available to them.

Camp RYLA gives high school students in our district the opportunity to network, communicate, and learn from not only successful leaders, Rotarians, and volunteers but also fellow students. We join around 80 high schoolers from north Georgia every year in hopes of sending each camper back home better equipped to be a leader in your school and community. You are given the opportunity to learn more about yourself through the voices and eyes of people who have experienced life and from people who can help you see things from a different point of view. While at camp, you have the chance to apply these skills through new adventures and outdoor exploration activities. Although camp lasts for four short days, many students leave with stories and friendships to last a lifetime.


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